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What a month March has been. We are all feeling the abruptness of the changes to our daily lives. Physical distancing, virtual socializing and for a lot of us exclusively online shopping. While I am more than grateful for the existing technology that makes it all possible, my brain is still at work adapting to this new, seemingly almost parallel universe we are now living in; a virtual reality of sorts.

Whether we realize it or not, we are all trying to adjust, each in our own way. For some, it is more about adapting to not being around friends and family. For others it is suddenly being transformed into a “work-at-home parent”, adapting to working from home with a house full of kids and yet for others, the ones that are truly our role models and heroes, it is now going to work to help save lives, while perhaps putting their own at risk.

Maybe this is a sort of universal pause. Let’s use it to take a step back, breathe and create our own internal stability. To reaffirm our trust in G-d, who trusts us enough, to trust in ourselves. To trust in our resilience and ability to show up every day to these ever evolving times and make it work. To grow from this challenge. To do what we can to keep our families safe, connect with our friends and help others in need. To realize that amidst all the unknown, we can still find our anchor. We can create our own \”known”.

While we are physically distancing, I am feeling very connected to so many people. Perhaps even in a more appreciative and genuine way than before. Somehow things we once considered as being the norm, are no longer taken for granted. I believe sometimes it takes a shift in circumstances to help reveal a depth of appreciation, love and compassion for each other, one we may not have realized was always there.

Admittedly being #alonetogether and staying home is hard, but that is what is being asked of us right now, just that. I have food, don’t have to go to war, my children’s lives are not at risk. I am being asked to stay in, in the comfort of my own home. We all are. Not out of human hatred, but rather out of human concern. We have the opportunity to contribute, to do something to help keep others safe. Others we may not even know. What an amazing opportunity. One I pledge to continue to show up to. What other choice do we have? The stakes are after all too important. To keep our family nucleus healthy and help curb the spread of a virus potentially dangerous to so many. Its not even a choice. It\’s a responsibility and a privilege. I’m in!

Two days ago was April 1st, April fools as its called. It does feel like we’ve entered a new dimension. Undoubtedly one of uncertainty, but also one of unparalleled unity, new possibilities and global community. I choose to see it as a testament to our humanity.

While I pray and hope that all those who have fallen ill will recover and that we can resume our regular lives quickly, I also pray and hope that we can carry forward all of the positive that is emerging. Hang on to our priorities, our connection to each other and live from a place of deeper awareness. Awareness that we are truly one, that the actions of one can affect the many, and that ultimately standing united and doing good has the power to heal just about anything.

Wishing you all a healthy and peaceful weekend.

With much love


Martine Cohen

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