Some of my reflections from our first week in…

Today marked the end of the first week of the rest of our lives…

On March 13, 2020, I received an email from my children’s school at 6:45 AM, announcing there would be no formal school for 2 weeks beginning that same day. That afternoon, I received an email that most places of worship were also shutting down. Little did I realize how things would evolve in a matter of weeks. Not much transition time for the brain.

Day by day things continue to evolve. More cases diagnosed locally and around the world, more preventive measures taken, and impactful changes occurring around us, on a daily basis.

Human beings don’t like change. The brain does not like change. And the unknown is even less palatable than change. And yet here we are. Being asked to embrace it, to settle into it. TRUST and THRIVE. What a challenge. We are being given the space to CHOOSE. We get to show up in any way we know how. In any way we can. Each day facing an ever-evolving reality.

Through all this unknown, one thing continues to stand out. I have never seen such global unity. Political leaders making unprecedented decisions to help prevent the spread of a virus and keep people safe, at almost any financial cost. As if this new reality was exposing our truest of values as people. We have seen countless acts and expressions of kindness, outreach and love pouring in. Here in Montreal, in the span of ONE week, multiple organizations have set up volunteer networks offering help to those in need of assistance. Countless of us are making calls, simply checking in on each other’s well-being. And perhaps most importantly, we are staying home for the greater good.

While we, as a global society, are being asked to rearrange our lives, our work, our children’s lives all at once, in the midst of it all, we are finding the time to be there for one another. Unequivocally no questions asked.
We are allowing ourselves to slow down in our rat race and act from a place of genuine care, love and compassion. No judgment. We are giving ourselves and each other, permission to express what truly matters…Our humanity.

Definitely unprecedented times.

G-d created the world in a week.  Our world, and life for us here, changed….in a mere week.

As we continue to slow down, we are coming to realize, when we do things as a collective whole, it doesn’t take long to effect change, healing and tikkun. Imagine how much good we have the power to do, united as one. Take a moment to absorb how much unity and goodness we have shown each other and witnessed in such little time and how much we can continue to do.

I pray for our good health and for us all to have the strength to continue on this path, of what I believe might just be the truest form of “Love thy neighbour as yourself\”.

Wishing you all a peaceful time
With much love


Martine Cohen

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