In such unexpected times and with things evolving by the day, one of the words that comes to mind is TRUST. It feels like a destabilizing time, lots of unknowns and though, most of the activity in our immediate vicinity is thankfully proactive, our brain seems to nevertheless go into overdrive.
An overdrive of thoughts, concerns, questions, to which we have yet to find answers.

And yet it is also a time of opportunity. A time to recognize what and how much we can do for each other. A time to trust in G-d, trust in our resilience, in the POWER that we have to come together and support one another.

At a time of apparent uncertainty, it is especially important to recognize what we CAN do. WE CAN decide how we show up to this unknown territory. How we navigate this for ourselves and what we model to others.

We CAN come together with compassion, care and love. We CAN stay connected in creative ways. We CAN discover inner resilience we never thought we had.
We CAN remember what matters most: We ARE one. We are all created equal with the same needs of safety, love and community. We are all going through this together, as one global community.

It is a time where we have the POWER to stand together and to ground ourselves in who we are. To hold on to human values, amidst what we are experiencing. To be there for those who need us more, and to be grateful for living in a time where despite physical social distancing, human connection is still very much possible.

Wishing you all a healthy, peaceful and restful weekend❤️

With much love


Martine Cohen

Speaker, Author & Coach

Guiding you and providing you with insight, life strategies, brain hacks, and tools to enhance your personal and professional life. 

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