The Corona Challenge: The Ultimate Adaptability Test

No transition time.

How are you navigating this new reality? How are you finding the work-from-home transition, or lack thereof?  Did you suddenly become a stay at home working parent? Are you managing to maintain some perspective? 

How can we learn to stay grounded in the uncertainty of it all?

Whether we realize it or not we are all going through many things simultaneously. It is not only the work from home new reality that is challenging and for some with a house full of kids who themselves are needing to adapt, it is also the lack of transition into this new reality.  Transition time is a human need. It is a necessary process that helps us adapt to change. Transition time is not something we have much of right now.  So how do we manage well without it?

As we are living in these ever evolving times, the answers to some of these questions are becoming more and more crucial. Shifting our mindset in the right way helps us adapt.  If we can give that work that mind-flexibility muscle a good workout, we can help direct some of our experience through these unchartered waters.

How flexible is your mindset? Is it fixed or growth oriented? 

What ever your mindset all of us are going through quite an adjustment. 

Most of us, if nor all of us, in some way or other, are feeling uneasy about all this unknown, and naturally so. Our brains are wired for consistency, routine, automatic pilot navigation. Anything but change, let alone the unknown. I learned that the hard way while rewiring my brain after my concussion 4 years ago. The brain is a  finicky, delicate and fearful organ. Truly. The internal resistance we all feel, when we want to break a bad habit or start a new one, is amplified at a time like this. Our mind is distracted, bombarded by news, social media and quickly goes into overload.  Once in overload, our brain goes into a different zone.  It begins to tighten its grip on something, anything.  Anything to mimic a sense of stability. Which is why for some of you, it may feel so hard to stay away from all the news and social media. We want a break from it, but we encounter internal resistance that makes it harder to just  step away. 

Yup, welcome to your mindset and your brain. 

Our minds are racing, while our bodies become less active. The gap between the two is the space within which resides this challenge. 

Our job now is to close that gap, quieten our mind, recenter our emotional compass and tether ourselves from the inside out.  Yes I know, much easier said than done but nevertheless doable. We need a focus. We need directions to move away from the fear of uncertainty An internal one. One to help ground ourselves. 

We are going to be here a while, let’s make it works. 


At these  trying times we are all doing what we can. Let me know what I can do for you. Inspiration, motivation for you or your company, grounding, brain hacks and any guidance I can provide. Let me help you get there! We are all in it together! 

With much love


Martine Cohen

Speaker, Author & Coach

Guiding you and providing you with insight, life strategies, brain hacks, and tools to enhance your personal and professional life. 

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