For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to dolphins.

I remember ordering scholastic books for the first time in first grade, and the book that initially caught my eye was one about dolphins. I always felt an affinity for them that felt much deeper than simply preferring them over other animals. It was a spiritual connection.

While I never quite understood this magnetism, the feeling followed me throughout my teen years, until one night, I had a life changing dream – one that has recurred once every few years ever since.

There is something deeply sacred about it. It puts me in touch with my inner depths. It’s one of my favourite dreams; whenever it visits me, I wake up a little different, a little further ahead in my journey, and imbued with a deep sense of balance and peace. It unfolds in more or less the same way every time.

I am in a nameless oasis, somewhere in the world. An old man appears, and acting as my guide, he accompanies me through a gate leading to a large pool of translucent water. While it is nighttime, I can see everything. He shows me the way and tells me that this is where I have to go. Then he leaves.

I turn around, but it’s as if he has disappeared into thin air. My surroundings are incredibly peaceful. I enter the pool and start to swim underwater. It’s as if the water is transporting me. It is effortless: the water is still, no waves or splashing can be heard. The pool of water leads into the ocean. It continues to transport me, and I spot some dolphins from afar. They are closer to the shore.

I reach a point not too far from the shore where I can find my footing, and I stop near a dolphin. It’s usually the same one. Sometimes he is alone, and other times, I have to identify him among a few others. Somehow, though, we always find each other. I am both drawn to this dolphin and compelled to cautiously keep my distance. It’s as if his energy is calling out to mine, but I am still hesitant. Finally, he opens his mouth and starts to speak. I am equally surprised and comforted.

That’s when I move in closer. He shares wisdom with me, wisdom that I sense I am absorbing and integrating, all the while knowing I cannot grasp it or hold onto it on any conscious level. Wisdom that I will have to rediscover and help others discover in the earthly realm when I return.

The next morning, I wake up with a sense of deep knowing. I understand that I have a journey to embark on, a message to spread, and a soul purpose to serve. To do so, I have to be trusting, attuned to even the subtlest of messages, fearlessly stepping into my own shoes. One thing was made clear to me, though: I was protected, watched over, and would always be guided. It was time.


Martine Cohen

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