What are we, truly?


We are each a soul within a body – a soul that has chosen to inhabit this earth, growing and improving not only itself, but the world around it. This is both the process and purpose of life. It gives us the chance, the gift, to connect with our self and discover the fire that burns bright inside each one of us. It shows us what we are capable of. What we, as a human being full of life, can accomplish, learn, teach, and contribute here on earth. This process is the only way for us to truly connect to ourselves and to each other.

Feeling distant from yourself and from others is nothing more than an illusion. The feeling only takes over when we allow external variables to overpower us, to infiltrate our wholeness and cause inner cracks, rifts, and a sense of separation.

It’s normal to feel down, discouraged, disillusioned, and lost… but we are not born feeling that way. We are born content and non-judgmental, towards both ourselves and others. Things simply are.

However, over time, we get caught up in the material nature of our world and lose sight of what the adventure and journey of life is truly all about. We look at the tangible and forget about the intangible. We allow negative distractions to take over, influence us, and ultimately cement themselves as our reality. The illusion becomes real and we forget our reason for being, our purpose here on earth.

When we reach this critical point, having strayed so far from our original path, the healing journey begins. It is our job to remove the distractions, the negative energy that has infiltrated our emotional strongholds, in order to become whole and connected again.

Some say that humans’ most powerful needs – whether they are an adult, a child, or even a baby – is the need to feel love. But before we can do that for someone else, we must feel it, be it, and live it within ourselves. To put it simply, we must love ourselves. Without that essential pillar in place, how can we love anyone else?

Love is a state of being that extends far beyond the confines of any human emotion. Love is about connecting to the self, to G-d, and to all that is. But to reach such a level of connectedness, you must remove all the obstacles that stand in your way, all the layers in which we have shrouded ourselves since childhood that prevent us from living our best life.




Martine Cohen

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