We have all been gifted with creative energy in different areas. Mine, as I discovered, is to guide people on their life adventure, help them expand their mind, connect with their inner landscape, remove the layers preventing them from re-aligning with their core, and live life empowered. It is an ongoing labor of love and I am excited to share it with you.

I was born spiritually connected with an intuitive sense of the world around me.  As a young child, I was always looking to understand the deeper meaning of life and its purpose. I remember the wonderful conversations with my grandfather around spiritual and intellectual pursuits. He taught me about balance. Since then I have been on a journey of personal and professional growth. I have a teaching diploma, two law degrees and became a corporate consultant advising corporations and investors in various  capacities. It’s where I discovered my true passion and strength for all things strategic. I love rolling up my mental sleeves, connecting the dots and strategizing.  Along the way I’ve also trained as a certified coach and studied various energetic modalities. For a long time however I could not reconcile my spiritual side with my cerebral, strategic side. My soul was in the driver’s seat and yet my brain often resisted.  

Had I lost everything?

On impact, I lost consciousness and in the weeks that followed, I received a diagnosis of post-concussive syndrome. I was thrust into a period of intellectual darkness, unable to process the world around me, understand what was being said to me, or access my strategic brain.

The concussion was a turning point. It was one of the most impactful times of my life, most challenging and yet most empowering. I felt like I had lost everything. My brain, my identity and my life footing. Now what?  The sense of loss I experienced when my brain did not have the information nor the capacity to help itself, was unlike anything I had ever felt. Isn’t my brain ultimately who I am? Who and what could I even be without it? This experience ultimately catapulted me into a period of introspection and deep discovery I could have never imagined; one where I found the authentic me. Where I discovered there was a me that had nothing to do with my brain or the personality attached to it. It was surreal. I courageously faced my deepest inner fears, discovered I had layers I never knew existed, worked through them and came out stronger, more self-aware and in awe of the untapped potential for power within each of us. I had finally found  my true self, the source of who I am and the place from which I live today. It was a new, freer beginning.

When you work with me, I will guide you and provide you with insight, life strategies, brain hacks, and tools to enhance your personal and professional life. 

The result: Learning how to truly thrive, rather than just survive. Shifting your mindset from a place of want and need, to a place of adventure and opportunity.
In addition to individualized coaching, you can book me as a speaker or to work with your organization.

Let’s journey together toward living a life of No More Layers.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

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